These natural stone beads fit any "Pandora Style" Bracelet. They come in a variety of stones and are each unique and one of a kind. Please specify the type of stone you want and we will be happy to try to find the perfect one for you. We now have thinner  beads available in Puddingstone and Gowganda Tillite in a range of price and color tones. The picture shows a variety of stones but each are unique and the stones in the picture may or may not be available at the time of ordering. The picture is just a guideline to show the style. We do not sell bracelets nor do we have any affiliation with the Pandora brand. Our beads do fit these styles of bracelets.

North Haven "Pandora Style" Beads style 2

Stone Type and Grade
  • Grade 1- Jasper Conglomerate (Puddingstone)
    The coloration in these Puddingstone beads is more subtle with less red jaspers pebbles included.

    Grade 2- Jasper Conglomerate (Puddingstone) and Gowganda Tillite (Black Puddingstone)have more pop of red jasper included in the matrix.

    Grade 3- Jasper Conglomerate with our best pop of red jasper or brown coloration included in the matrix.