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For Jewelry Found Nowhere Else.

Our fine jewelry items are unique and rare, offering a dynamic selection to update your collection or find an exquisite gift for a friend. Click on any picture for a closer look or scroll using the arrows. More pictures coming soon as they become available.

Butterfly Wing
Inlaid Stone
Beach Stone
Baltic Amber
Botanical Jewelry
Puddingstone Pearls
and so much more...

From one of a kind pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets made from the wings of "naturally expired" butterflies to Drummond Island Puddingstone. If you're looking for unique keepsakes with a northern flair...we've got it here. Our jewelry department will awe and delight you!

Botanical jewelry, Inspirational jewelry and stone jewelry hand pieced by award winning craftsmen, Our local stones including Petoskey Stones, Leland Blue, Gowganda Tillite and Puddingstone but our offerings stretch across the world to the farthest regions of Russia. You will find something extraordinary in our Jewelry department.

Feel free to come in a browse and take a piece of North Haven home with you.

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